Website mistakes you need to fix …

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Mistake #1 — Slow Loading Speed

How long does it take for the pages on your website to load? You’re probably losing valued clients if it takes more than a few seconds. According to Google studies, a one-second delay in page load times can reduce conversion rates by up to 20% in the retail industry. Optimize page load times to win over your visitors. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to see if your mobile and desktop load speeds are within the target range.
Fortunately, correcting this common website error can be as simple as reducing image sizes and cleaning up the code.

Mistake #2 — Poor Mobile Experience

Mobile devices now account for more than half of all web traffic. Your website must be responsive, which means it must look good on all devices, including mobile devices. The mobile experience, like responsive design, should be tailored to the demands of your audience. Mobile users have unique requirements, which must be reflected in the design of your website. Smaller screen sizes on mobile devices should be taken into account rather than dismissed. When compared to visitors using a desktop computer, visitors using a mobile device demand more bite-sized information and less detail. Avoid distracting customers with pop-ups or difficult-to-click components; a simple design will make your site easy to use. When it comes to mobile site, remember that less is more.

Mistake #3 — Too Many or Too Few Links

Links can help you increase the authority of your website in search engines. However, a common website error is that a website has either too many or too few connections. Let’s start with a discussion of the various types of links.

An internal link takes viewers to different pages on the same website that they might be interested in.You can improve the ranking power of pages across the site by employing internal links. However, if your pages have too many links, it may become a distraction. Ensure that your links are relevant and that they guide users in the appropriate direction. Within your page copy, try to incorporate two to five related links. Once you get started, you’ll get the hang of it!

External links take you to a website that isn’t its own. A blog dedicated to health and wellbeing, for example, would include a link to the product page for the best smoothie blender available. Link building is the process of obtaining external links. External links pointing to your website function similarly to letters of recommendation. They show Google that your website is trustworthy. Link building can help you boost your search ranking over time. On the other hand, if you have too many low-quality external connections, it can hurt your credibility.

Mistake #4 — Contact Information Is Hard to Find

Your contact details should be prominently displayed. Customers are becoming increasingly wary of organisations that make it difficult to contact them. Make it clear to your audience how they may reach you via email, chat message, phone, or social media to earn their trust. Does your business generate new leads from your website? Make sure your phone number is prominently displayed in your website’s header and footer, as well as across your pages. If the phone number on your mobile site is clickable, you’ll get bonus points!

Mistake #5 — Benefits and Features Are Missing on Core Pages

A website’s core pages should repeat the most significant information about its products and/or services. Visitors should be able to easily recognise the features and benefits of what you’re giving as they browse your site. Let’s go through everything again quickly! A feature is a statement about the product or service that is true, such as “handmade fabric.” The value of a feature is described by a benefit, such as “made particularly for you.” What distinguishes you from the competition? Identify them and discuss them frequently.

Now What?

By constantly improving your site, you can avoid the most common website errors. We’ve solved a lot of online challenges as a web design company. We help companies in efficiently marketing themselves online.
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